Family Owned & Proudly Run

For over 40 years, we have stood by the quality of our work and our work has stood the test of time.

About CL Construction

In 1972 after more than 20 years in the construction field, Aurel Sr. and his partner and wife, Claudette founded C&L Construction. The family owned company soon established itself with projects such as government office renovations and interior retrofits. As C&L’s reputation grew due to its excellent workmanship they developed a solid foundation bringing them successfully into the 21st century

Today the company is still family owned for over 40 years and proudly run by their children.

C&L Construction offers a wide range of general construction and management services for government and private projects throughout the National Capital Region. We are licensed in Ontario and Quebec. Few – if any – other contractors offer our high level of hands-on expertise. Because of the great breadth and depth of our experience, C&L Construction can confidently offer a complete range of construction services, from feasibility studies to design services, and from excavation right up to the roof. We have proven ourselves in a wide range of projects, from institutional structures such as schools, churches and government buildings to commercial and industrial properties.

C&L ensures that a proper job is done each and every time, from the smallest renovation to the most major construction. Our employees are well versed in the specifications, building codes and by-laws of all the regional municipalities. We are ready, willing and able to realize any construction job you assign us. If you come, we will build it.

Our Philosophy


With several decades experience in a wide variety of construction projects, we really know what it takes to get the job done. The efficiency and economy that we build into every estimate ensure that your project will be completed on a realistic budget – with no compromises.


People come first at C&L Construction, so we take care that everyone’s needs are attended to, from the aspirations of the client to the safety of each worker on the job.


Our hands-on industry knowledge help us to understand the big picture. We manage each project as a whole process, rather than simply racing to meet one deadline after another, thus ensuring that your scheduling goals are met consistently and successfully.


The establishment of open, respectful and informed communication between the Project Manager and the Architect, Consultant, Contractor and Client keeps each of our projects on track and to everyone’s satisfaction.


For over 40 years, we have stood by the quality of our work and our work has stood the test of time. That’s because we choose the best possible materials, and make sure that every step is done properly, within specifications, and to your complete satisfaction..


We’ve made a name for ourselves with our commitment to Cost, Schedule, Quality, Safety, and Communication. But when you look at all these factors together, they add up to one thing: Control. Our in-depth knowledge and understanding of the construction industry helps us keep your project under control.

At C&L Construction, we believe that the successful management of any construction project depends on six factors: Cost, Schedule, Quality, Safety, Communication and Control. Over the past 40 years, we have rigourously developed these crucial factors into a system that we follow no matter what the project.